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Direct Benefits to Your Brand


Do you know that just above 80% of individuals attending a trade show have buying power?  That means that the majority of people are capable of purchasing your products, meaning that a trade show can lead to direct sales.  In addition, it represents an excellent way to get free media exposure, while also providing an opportunity for you to educate people regarding your brand.  If nothing else, you will be able to share expertise and ideas with other people in your field, growing your brand through a network of good ideas and suggestions.

From Concept to Follow Up System

Here at ZTrade Show Marketing, our assistance does not end with the trade show.  Instead, we continue working for you, digitalizing your leads into an easy-to-use spreadsheet that you can access at your convenience.  In addition, we provide custom follow up strategies, as well as a follow up newsletter designed to generate sales and gain email permissions. 


From start to finish, ZTrade Show Marketing will work with you to maximize the potential of trade shows and your brand recognition.

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