How to Feng Shui Your Website

Ever since the internet went worldwide in 1993, communication has just progressed by leaps and bounds. Following that, businesses of all sorts have decided to take the path of the information superhighway. After all, going online meant that you could reach people who were living halfway around the world just as easily as if they […]

Happy Hanukkah!!!

Hanukkah is the holiday of lights, hope and miracle. Wish your friends, customers and prospects Happy Hanukkah with our FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE Corporate Holiday eCards. Stand out and above the competition with these FUN HOLIDAY eCARDS that celebrate the Spirit of the Season! Order Now! Please don’t forget to email us: Your portrait (resolution not less than 200 […]

Fun Corporate Holiday eCards

The winter is ready to come and we already feel an approaching of The Holiday Season. It’s the best time to start preparation. Full customizable Corporate Holiday eCards are available now! Stand out and above the competition with these fun holiday eCARDS that celebrate the spirit of the season! Thank your vendors  and staff for […]

Successful branding

Working over the time in Graphic Design industry, I realized that most of the small business owners misjudge the importance of visual design material in their branding strategy. Unfortunately, they undervalue the fact that our perception and memory works subconsciously. The commercial monsters in all the industries all over the world spend millions on advertising. […]

The role of lines and shapes in Graphic Design.

As I mentioned in a previous article “….our perception works subconsciously, by using familiar colours, shapes and typography according to the specific situation…..”. We contemplated the role of colors, images and typography in logo design. Today, I want to discuss with you other graphic design elements such as lines and shapes. Line is one of […]