LED Advertising

Benefits of LED advertising

In our digital world, where the average person carries a high-definition digital device with them at all times, traditional, out-of-home advertising is no longer sufficient to get your audience’s attention. However, accurate, full-colour digital reproduction of your ad will still attract the eye. With high-definition digital signage, you can present your advertisement in a medium dynamic enough to hold the viewer’s attention while simultaneously static enough to capture a wide audience and instil a lasting message.

High Traffic Areas

LED advertising offers  20′-1″ x 10′-1″ high-definition digital LED billboards located in high-traffic areas. These digital billboards display advertisements designed in the RGB colour format, versus the CMYK colour format required for print. The RGB format allows for reproduction of nearly 17 million colours, vastly more than the 1 million available with the CMYK format. This lets our clients use high-contrast, and even the most vibrant, brand colours to best present themselves on the board. Furthermore, LED boards are unaffected by nightfall, ensuring that your message remains visible every moment the ad is up.