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Branding Your Trade Show

step # 1


Even before a trade show begins, it provides an invaluable opportunity to work on your brand by getting the message out through social media.  It provides an exciting topic from which you can constantly update as information comes in.  Because of this, many companies use a trade show as a long term branding strategy designed to create hype and good PR regarding your company.  During the event itself, you can even live Tweet and update via sites light Facebook.  By tying in the trade show with a number of other promotional deals, like free giveaways through social media participation, you can create real buzz around your brand.

“However beautiful the strategy,
you should occasionally
look at the results.”

Winston Churchill

While many laud the improvements brought about by social media, it has removed one invaluable asset that every company needs, face-to-face human communication and contact.  This contact creates the webs of relationships that have aided businesses throughout time.  In addition, the trade show is becoming one of the last bastions for this to take place.  By creating a well thought out display that provides the right level of excitement and intrigue, you can pull people in and make the connections you can make no other way.

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