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Trade Show Marketing Strategies: Does It Matter?

Trade show marketing is a fantastic way to build your company, brand, and business. But to be successful at trade show marketing, you must also be great with various marketing strategies and tactics that are tried and true. Planning your trade show marketing, carefully designing your booth, and getting your audience engaged can be a fantastic way to make your trade show booth very effective. Here, we will tell you just how you can get the most out of your trade shows Winnipeg and beyond.

Why Strategy is Important

When was the last time you went to a trade show? Which booths did you notice? Were they ones that were just sloppily thrown together, or were they carefully planned? More than likely, you took note of the trade show booths that were carefully planned using proven marketing strategies. They probably seemed innovative, creative, and very different than booths around them. If you are not thinking this way when planning your own trade show marketing, you could very well be losing out. When you offer something engaging and unique possible business partners, future employees, and even potential customers take note.

Engage Your Audience

One of the best ways to reach out to those at trade shows is through actively engaging them as they pass your booth. How can you do that? Traditional marketing strategies tell us that not only is planning important here, but so is understanding your customers themselves. Who is your audience, here? What sorts of things might your audience be interested in? Photo ops? Celebrities? Video games? Demonstrations? Prizes or samples? When you better understand what you audience loves you are more likely to put together a unique booth that speaks to them in a very real way and catches their attention.

Make It Easy to Remember

What do you remember about the last trade show marketing tactic that really spoke to you? Was it the unique giveaways? The fun that you had? No matter if you are presenting in the best trade shows has to offer, or even internationally, you want your booth to be easy to remember. Make it visually striking and unexpected. Think about using colors, shapes, and more in a unique way. Experiment with tactics that will keep potential customers around longer. Give them freebies that they will remember you for. Let them interact with others in a very memorable way.

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