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Creating Creative Trade Shows That are Sure to Please: Guerilla Marketing Tactics

Stop with the same old trade show marketing routine! If you are tired of it, chances are the people you are presenting it to may be tired of it, as well. Trade show marketing allows you to get up-close-and-personal with a large number of potential customers at once. You want to wow them! Using guerilla marketing techniques can do just that. Here, we will tell you about a few ways you can create creative trade shows potential customers will love.

Entertain Them!

Why not hire an entertainer to man you booth alongside sales reps for your next trade show? An entertainer who can make potential customers laugh can be a huge hit. Not only that, but it is largely unexpected at most trade shows, making it the perfect guerilla marketing tactic. To pull this off, however, takes a bit of preparation. Let others in your company know about what you are thinking to use as part of your trade show marketing. Give them the same show you would customers. If the marketing is something that your company can get behind, go for it!

Get Them Involved!

Giving customers something to do is yet another way you can create creative trade shows that outshine others. What do we mean by giving them something to do? Get them involved and interacting! Here are just a few ways you can do that:

  • Demonstration products that tradeshow goers can examine and even use;

  • Simple games for customers to play. You can even offer products or giveaways as prizes;

  • Virtual presenters;

  • Videos for customers to watch. Think about showing them how to use your product, virtual tours, and more;

  • Free on-site services;

  • An opportunity to take their pictures;

  • Giveaway items that your customers will actually use and love.

Use Your Company’s Social Media Page to Reach Out

Up the ante before you next tradeshow. Use some unexpected guerilla marketing tactics behind the scenes. Get online and let customers know what you are planning for giveaways and displays. Let them know where you will be and give them a taste of what you will be doing. Send out emails about the event, or even live Tweet during the event. Take video while you are there to post it on your YouTube and Facebook accounts while the event is still going on. Post about the event you are attending on your webpage and blog.

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